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General Terms and Conditions


1.1 The seller is M & M holding Trenčín, s. r.o. , Halalovka 25/5, 911 08 Trenčín Slovakia, which is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trenčín, Section: Sro, Insert No .: 26179 / R, ID: 46 616 675, ID No .: 2023513844, VAT No .: SK2023513844, tel. +421908 180 753, e-mail: info@fajntricko.com (hereinafter referred to as "the seller").
1.2 Buyer is any person who in any way contacts the seller with the intention to purchase the goods the seller offers.
1.3 Buyer is also any natural or legal person who in any way contacts the seller with the requirement that the seller sells goods that are not included in the offer, with the intent to purchase the goods.
1.4 By using the web site of the seller's internet store and confirming the order, the buyer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.
1.5 These Business Terms and Conditions are valid until the new Terms of Business are issued.


2.1 Goods may be ordered by the buyer as follows:
(A) through a shopping cart on the seller's website,

B) through the order form on the seller's website.

2.2 By sending an order, the buyer undertakes to take over the ordered goods and pay the agreed price for the goods.
2.3 The posted order shall be confirmed by the seller within 24 hours by email and at the same time shall inform the buyer of the availability and delivery date. All confirmed orders are binding!
2.4 The seller undertakes to deliver the right kind and quantity of goods at the agreed price according to the order.
2.5 The order can be canceled by the buyer within 24 hours of ordering the goods without giving any reason. Buyers can cancel the order in the Customer's section on the seller's website, by phone or email. After verifying that the order is canceled, the seller will confirm the seller's cancellation by e-mail or by telephone. If the amount for ordered goods has already been paid, the seller will send the money back to the buyer's bank account or deliver it in a different way, which they agree with.
2.6 The seller has the right to cancel the order if it is not possible to secure the ordered goods. In this case, the buyer immediately returns the full amount paid or offers replacement goods or other solutions if the buyer agrees. The seller has the right to cancel the order also if he / she can not contact the buyer (incorrect contact information, unavailability, ...).


3.1 Prices for products listed on the fajntric page are final with VAT. The total product prices can be applied by actual quantity or loyalty rebates. The seller is a VAT payer in Slovakia European Union.
3.2 The basic price of the order is the price added for the goods and the payment, depending on the method of payment and delivery chosen by the buyer. The price is derived from the quantity of ordered goods and the current rate is visible directly in the order (for each mode of transport and payment). Packaging is included in the transport price.


4.1 The buyer may pay for the goods basis specified in this point on the basis of a pro forma invoice. Based on the order submitted, the seller submits the pro forma invoice (forward), which he sends along with an order confirmation by e-mail. The buyer can make the payment as follows:

A) the Pay Pal payment system (more info at http://paypal.com/)

B) by debit or credit card (VISA, Master Card, Maestro) via the Trust Pay payment gateway more info at https://www.trustpay.eu/

4.2 Payment is possible only in EUR.
4.3 The tax document (invoice) is sent by the seller to the buyer together with the goods.


5.1 The delivery period for the goods in the seller's offer is in most cases within 12 working days of order confirmation, the maximum delivery time is 16 days or may be extended by agreement with the buyer. The delivery period and the delivery date will be communicated by the seller to the buyer upon confirmation of the order by telephone or email. If the announced extended delivery time does not meet the buyer's eligibility, it may cancel the order in accordance with clause 2.5 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.2 Goods will be dispatched immediately after the order is confirmed and all conditions for storing are fulfilled.


6.1 The seller ensures the transport of the goods in a way that the buyer chooses from the offered options in the order:

A) Post service (EUROP) for EUROPE countries (more info at http://www.posta.sk/en)

B) Post service (WORLD) for ALL countries (more info at http://www.posta.sk/en)

6.2 The place of collection is determined by Buyer's order. Delivery of the goods is deemed to be the delivery.
6.3 The goods are adequately packed and secured. The buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the consignment when taking goods.
6.4 In addition to the goods, the seller will provide the buyer with an invoice (tax document), a delivery note. The salesman will also provide the manufacturer with the instruction manual and the warranty card, as required by the nature of the goods.
6.5 The seller is responsible for the goods only after it has been received by the buyer. The goods are considered to have been taken over by the buyer from the moment they acknowledge receipt of the goods in writing.

6.6 The seller is not responsible for the delayed delivery of the ordered goods to the buyer caused by the carrier. The carrier is fully responsible for damage to the consignment caused by the carrier. Such cases are resolved by the seller by delivering new goods to the buyer after all damages have been paid by the carrier.
6.7 In the case of greater interest, it may happen that we have a shortage of goods and so we can deliver your ordered goods in several packages, and you pay for postage and packaging as per one package.


7.1 Buyer is legally entitled to withdraw from the ordered order (according to the law "from the purchase contract" if the buyer has taken over the goods) within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.
7.2 Refunds must be :,
A) undamaged,
B) complete (including accessories, documentation, ...),
C) including the attached purchase receipt.
7.3 If the buyer decides to return the goods under item 7.1 of these Terms and Conditions, he / she is obliged to:
A) Contact the seller with a request to withdraw from the order placed either by e-mail or in writing (in paper form), enter the order number (variable symbol), the purchase date and the number of your money-back account, or use the refund To: https://fajntricko.flox.sk/files/2017-vzory/disposal-contract.pdf, which will be printed and sent filled with the returned goods.

B) send the goods back to the address of the seller - the goods are recommended to be sent by registered mail, insured and use appropriate packaging so that during transportation the packaging and the goods are not discarded, glued or otherwise damaged (the seller is not liable for any loss or damage of the goods during transportation) .
(C) to pay for the return of goods (postage, insurance, ...).

7.4 After the conditions set out in points 7.1 to 7.3 of these Terms and Conditions have been met and after the returned goods have been received, the Seller shall:
(A) take the goods back,
B) return the buyer, within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the ordered order, the full price paid for the order of the goods without returning the goods to the seller.
7.5 In the event of failure to comply with any of the conditions set forth in items 7.1 to 7.3 of these Terms and Conditions, the seller will not accept the withdrawal from the order and the goods will be returned at the buyer's expense.


8.1 Claims handling are governed by the warranty conditions of the particular goods, the Commercial Code and the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and special regulations.
8.2 The warranty period for all goods offered in the seller's internet shop is 24 months. In order to exercise the liability for defects (claim), proof of purchase is always sufficient (the attached invoice). The submission of a proof of purchase for the purposes of the claim is sufficient even if the warranty card has been issued but the customer has lost it.
8.3 The warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the item (or parts thereof) caused by use.
8.4 Claimed goods are delivered by the buyer to a claim with a copy of the invoice. The buyer is required to send a description of the defect together with the goods.

8.5.1. As soon as possible, inform us by email or telephone about the product's error.
8.5.2. Send the product back to the seller's address


9.1 All personal data provided to customers in the order of goods or customer registrations through the internet store Fajntričko l are collected, processed and stored in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. (Hereinafter referred to as "ZOOÚ"). Personal data is provided when ordering or registering a customer account at the Fajntrico internet store, within the scope of the data stated in the order form or the registration form.

9.2 Sending the order, resp. By the conclusion of the purchase contract, the customer gives his / her compliance with the Act. no. 122/2013 Z.z. Consent to the seller for the processing, collection and storage of its personal data for the purpose of concluding a purchase contract, ordering equipment and related communication with the customer, but also after successful completion of the order for performance of the contract and the keeping of the relevant records (eg for complaints handling, Etc.) until such time as he / she expresses his / her disapproval of this processing. Personal data is processed to the extent of: name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail. The Customer has the right to access their personal data, the right to correct them, including other legal rights to such data. Seller does not disclose, disclose or disclose personal information to any other person, except for companies providing goods transporting the customer's personal data to the extent necessary for the delivery of the goods.

9.3 By executing the registration of the customer account via the Fajntricka internet shop, the customer agrees to comply with the law no. 122/2013 Z.z. On the protection of personal data, the seller, or a third party, as the intermediary designated by that company in accordance with the cited law, processed, collected and kept the customer's personal data provided by the customer upon his registration. The Customer also authorizes the seller to process and use such personal data for both promotional and marketing purposes and by submitting this data to the seller's sales and marketing partners for the purposes of promotion and marketing, while making a customer's registration and / or by checking the acceptance of the newsletter in any form when sending an order Agrees that the seller and, where applicable, third parties with whom that company has entered into the relevant contractual arrangements shall send the customer commercial communications in electronic form, in accordance with the law. No. 147/2001 Coll. About advertising and law. no. 610/2003 Coll. About electronic communication. Personal data is processed to the extent of: name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone, email, gender.
The Customer has the right to access their personal data, the right to correct them, including other legal rights to such data.

9.4 The Seller does not disclose, disclose or disclose personal information to any other person, except: companies providing goods transporting the personal data of customers delivered to the minimum extent necessary for the delivery of goods (in particular the Slovak Post).
Agreeing with the processing of personal data and the sending of business information is granted for an indefinite period of time and can be revoked at any time by express and specific expression in written form addressed to the seller, by post, by telephone or electronically to e-mail address obchod@fajntricko.sk. By withdrawing your consent to the processing of personal data, the customer registration will also be canceled.
The customer has the right. no. 122/2013 Z.z. In particular with regard to the processing of personal data:
The Customer has the right, upon written request from the Seller, to require:

(A) confirmation whether or not personal data are processed,

(B) in a generally understandable form, information on the processing of personal data in the information system within the scope of Section 15 1 písm. (A) to (e), second to sixth points; When issuing a decision under paragraph 5, the person concerned is entitled to be familiar with the procedure for the processing and evaluation of operations,

(C) in a generally understandable form, accurate information about the source from which it obtained its personal data for processing,

(D) in a generally comprehensible form, a list of his or her personal data which is the subject of processing,

(E) repair or liquidate any incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date personal data processed,

(F) the liquidation of his or her personal data whose purpose of processing has ended; If they are the subject of processing of official documents containing personal data, they may request their return,

G) the liquidation of his / her personal data that is subject to processing, if there has been a violation of the law,

(H) the blocking of his or her personal data by reason of withdrawal of consent prior to the expiration of its period of validity if the operator processes personal data subject to the consent of the person concerned.

The Customer has the right to object to a Seller against:

(A) the processing of his or her personal data which he or she considers to be or will be processed for the purposes of direct marketing without his consent, and to request the liquidation,

B) the use of the personal data referred to in Section 10 Article 3 (D) for the purpose of direct marketing by post, or

C) the provision of personal data referred to in § 10 par. Article 3 (D) for direct marketing purposes.

10. Final information

10.1 Supervision of the provision of services is carried out by the District Directorate of PZ Trenčín Kvetná 7, 911 42 Trenčín and Slovak Trade Inspection, post office 29, Prievozská 32, 827 99 Bratislava Slovakia.

10.2 These General Terms and Conditions and any sales contracts concluded on the basis thereof shall be governed by the laws in force in the Slovak Republic.

In Trenčín Slovakia 19.8.2017



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